It all began in the 1980s, when the group ART MOULU toured Europe with a unique, unclassifiable sound in the vein of Rock in Opposition. Decades later, a new chapter has begun with the formation of NOUSDEUX ETRANGE ENSEMBLE and the participation of singer/keyboardist Maureen Siegel. They have released two albums — STRANGE TOGETHER in 2023 and DOUBLE WONDERFUL in 2017 — and collaborated with Sourdure in 2022 for Monster K7 records.

Three members, three backgrounds and three different esthetics come together to compose their music. NOUSDEUX ETRANGE ENSEMBLE is romantic punk, chaotic jazz and rock without a guitar. It is a love song for the micro-moments that make up our lives.

JWelt : drums

Olivier MASSON : saxophones 

Maureen SIEGEL : vocals and keyboard

David CHAMLA : sound